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So here we are, halfway through the year, just how many of the resolutions we made in January, have you kept to?  Mine was to blog once a month and here I am, failing miserably. Maybe resolutions should be made first when the weather is good ( really I hear you cry). I think for most of us it has been fairly diabolical don’t you agree….

Blog Idea

Last month, I was in London for work and a little bit of pleasure before the work bit I managed to nip to one of my favourite London places, The V&A to see the Fragile Beauty exhibition. This is Sir Elton John & David Furnish’s private collection of photography. As you can imagine, I was in my element and what a visual overload.   

I reached out to my Instagram followers to ask me a question and here are ten questions with me Jason Kinrade.

  1. Why Photography?

The reason I got into photography was firstly to take images of the beautiful Manx countryside and to get me outdoors to explore during weekends.  Then after having several of my images published in Gallery Magazine, I was hooked and you can say the rest is history. I then embarked on Food Photography and Lifestyle Portraiture before I found my niche Portrait Photography, I love the connection this gives me with my sitters and love to hear their stories.

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2. What is your inspiration?

I have a few favourite photographers from Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon, Bruce Webber, Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, and ultimately Peter Lindberg.  Also, I love to visit The V&A when I am in London to wander around the rooms and absorb everything.  Movies and music are also important to me and find lots of inspiration from lighting to cinematography and style.

3. What has been your greatest achievement?

Well, I think I have a couple, last year I was awarded Associate Photographer by The Portrait Masters.  They are probably the largest photography education system online and in person.  Luckily I went to Italy last year with an amazing group of photographers most from The Portrait Masters, for a 3-day photography retreat in a castle, that was such a special time for me.

4. What is your background?

When I was young I always loved art and creating something from nothing, my imagination just used to run away with me. So as a young adult, I really craved to attend my local college and wanted to be on the art foundation course. Sadly my academic background did not allow this, so I went out and got a job!  After a couple of false starts, I found myself in Retail Fashion and very quickly I progressed to an Assistant Store Manager with a team of 17.  After this I found myself in Advertising, was great fun seeing a concept come alive, I feel photography is like that, it starts with a thought or an idea and then you just make it happen.

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5. Best piece of advice received?

This was given to me last year on retreat, the words were not to follow the crowd as this was my time to create what I wanted, thank you Kitti for this, she is an inspirational photographer from the USA and doesn’t let anything deter her from her love for photography.

6. Your Why?

My why is that I want to help people change the way they see themselves, it is more about photography, it is about moments frozen in time and watching people bloom with confidence.

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7. Do you have any advice for photographers?

Ah yes, this is not to give up and don’t let anyone steal your dreams.  Yes, there was a time when I was told I lacked creativity and vision, well let’s just put that down to jealousy, she was really not the best person to comment, the last I heard of her was that she ended up frying eggs for breakfast in a pub somewhere.  Also, my advice is to keep trying and trying and trying and just give it a go no matter how random it might feel!!!!

8. How do you learn?

When I first started my photography journey, I enrolled for an online course with The Photography Institute.  I know some might feel that online is not as good as in person, but each to their own.  The diploma consists of 10 modules with assignments at the end of each. I was happy to compete it and had a great tutor who teaches photography at Central St. Martins in London and produced a book on Alexander McQueen the infamous fashion designer.

9. What do you think about A.I.?

This is interesting, I feel there is a place for this. However, not too sure about artists/photographers passing this work as their own.  I have seen lots of this on social media, the images have been overworked and do not look natural.  I do not use A.I. in my photography as I want to keep it as natural as can be so it’s more authentic.

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10. The Future 

Future plans are to shoot more outdoors and play with natural and artificial light to create timeless and beautiful portraits that will last for years to come.


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