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As a lifestyle photographer it is so important to me to get to know my clients.  I have always been an inquisitive person and as most people will know, I love to talk. So to me its vital when I take my photographs I have done my homework and actually talked to my clients, asked about their exceptions and carried out my research.

When a camera is pointed at you most people tend to adopt a pose that actually looks unnatural.  It is my job as a visual storyteller to make them feel relaxed, happy and comfortable in front of a camera.

I want to create an image that captures their true essence even when they are unaware that I am actually taking their photograph.

How do I do this?, I don’t actually have a system but most importantly to me is that I always talk and listen, I create a space that is totally unique to my client ensuring they feel happy and relaxed and most of the time they are unaware that I am taking their photograph.

With each client my aim is to create a totally unique experience and capture a timeless memory.

I love what I do and I have the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful and interesting people throughout my photographic journey.

Photography to me allows me to connect, develop and learn and there is nothing better than that.

Next month I have such an exciting photographic opportunity and I can not wait to share the news and images with you then.

Until next time…. Jason


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