Goodbye 2021, it has been interesting!

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Ok, so I am sitting here on a grey and misty December day thinking of what to write as my end of year updates. So what has Isle of Man Family Photographer been doing for the past 12 months you ask?

It has certainly been an unusual one for us all, what a roller coaster it has been.  I usually find that December for me is a time for reflection and a time to be grateful for all the good things that have happened over the past 12 months.


So apart from the lockdowns, anti vaxers, pro vaxers, boosters and trolls ( yes I was trolled on Instagram……., but it did make me smile more than get upset ).

The biggest pain in the a@@@ for me was Instagram deleting my original account, no reason was given and their communication skills are not the best, however I am not going to dwell on their reasoning….. Below you will find some of my favourite images from 2021.  

The Portrait Masters

Super happy that 18 of my images were awarded bronze and bronze with distinction in The Portrait Masters competition.  I have some great ideas for 2022 so watch this space…. it is going to be exciting.

So now as I draw to a close, I truly wish you all the best for 2022, lets make it one of the best years all round, its a time to celebrate your uniqueness and share the kindness.


Never let the dream stealers steal your dreams and listen to your own voice not others…… 

Grateful for the person who felt the need to tell me I lacked creativity, well the 18 awards didn’t do it themselves now did they……… 🙂 

Thank You’s

A massive big thank you to all the wonderful people I had the pleasure to photograph and meet this year too…. It’s been great and thank you for allowing me as your photographer to take your photographs here on the Isle of Man.

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See you next time…..

Here is to 2022….. Shine Bright!

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