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So here we are in August, where on earth did the past few months go? Although life was slower, time is now just flying by so quickly, think we all need to make the most of the Summer that remains. I know some of you do have restrictions and really hope that life to get back to what it was like before March 2020.

Recently I had the pleasure of a shoot with the lovely Catriona from Manx Walks here on the Isle of Man, to find out about her business click here We are planning a walk out with her very soon, can’t wait to explore more of the hidden parts of our beautiful island.

For the shoot we aimed for bright and light images, so rather than use the flash we opted for natural light in the studio, the atmosphere was relaxing & filled with lots of laughter thrown in for good measure!

Catriona said it would be a challenge for me to capture her, she feels not comfortable in front of the camera & I love a challenge!

Set up was very simple using the beautiful hand painted backdrops.  My style is always progressing and I think with people when we reach a certain age we become invisible to most.  So after much planning and thought I want to photograph more people of any age.  Age should and doesn’t matter and people not pigeonholed.

It is now time to celebrate ‘US’ we have experienced some very strange times over the past few months.  Self care and love has never been as important as it is now. 

Some might think it’s a vain thing to do have your portrait taken, to me its a moment in time that you will never have again and what a way to record that. 

It is also important that after your portrait shoot you get your images printed and displayed  rather than storing on a usb stick that you will either forget about or it will end up in some drawer with all sorts of stuff, yes I have a kitchen drawer with all sorts of ‘crap’ in there…….. Maybe one day I will declutter it…..

Its amazing when you see people sitting in front of you blossom during the shoot, that is when the real magic happens as people start to relax & feel comfortable.

The shoot will change the way on how you see and feel about yourself, I will capture your inner glow and create the most beautiful images of you with your loved ones.

To find out more about the shoots please click here.

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August is going to be a busier month with studio shoots booked with lots more in the pipeline, a real mix of people photography of all ages too…..

Until next time, wishing you all al wonderful August, enjoy the sunshine, love yourself and your closest & drink that prosecco….. !!



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