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November nearly been and gone and then it will be Christmas.  Certainly different for everyone this year, this is time of year I look forward to seeing old friends that return to the island to visit families etc, this will pass I know… and we will all be reunited again….

Last month on my Instagram page I held a Q&A about my photography on my stories, so today I am happy to share more information with you.

I also had my photograph taken which is unsual for me as I am always on the other side.  I need to know how my clients feel when they are facing the camera, some of the images are included in this blog.

Hello I am Jason and welcome to my work and world.

In addition to this I am also happy to confirm that I now have additional studio space in Douglas, it’s a stunning space with lots of natural light in a central location.  So let’s get on with the questions, here goes…..

What is your favourite type of photoshoot?

This is easy, I love to photograph people and hear their stories while we create beautiful images.  I find it easy to connect with my clients which makes the whole experience relaxing and fun.

Christopher from a recent studio shoot, I love this image.
The Beautiful Jan in the studio, together we created beautiful and timeless images.

What is your most favourite work you made?

I love all my work but one of my favourites has to be the horses on the beach which was shot in September.  The sun started to set which gave me the opportunity to create the most dreamy photographs, I loved the results.

The dreamy beach shoot, I needed to be quick with this one.

Most memorable moment on a photoshoot?

It’s my shoot with the adorable De La Harpe children, they just arrived into the studio and were ready for their shoot.  We had such a lovely time together and created the most beautiful and timeless images.

What an absolute star.
This has to be one of my favourite shots, a simple set up with dramatic effects.
Such a perfect model.

Advice for portrait photography?

Yes, learn as much as you can, follow your favourite photographers and visit as many exhibitions as you can (no necessarily photography) Practise makes perfect and I am always forever learning.

Learn as much from your camera then it will never let you down.

What lights do you use for studio?

My set up is so simple, I just either use the natural light or an Elinchrom flash, I also use reflectors to bounce the light off and around my clients. It can be challenging at times but its always great to learn new ways with light to create beautiful photographs.

Looking forward to seeing you next month and in the studio I hope too.

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Until my next blog (December) stay healthy…. see you soon…. Jason

PS, never give up on your dreams or goals, you’ll get there when its right… Thanks JG you were instrumental but your words or actions meant nothing……


  1. Ian Coyle

    A very interesting post Jason. Lots of great photos shown – I love the beach shot. Also, the children’s parents must have been delighted with those portraits. Excellent!

    • Jason Kinrade

      Yes, the children’s parents loved the images, hopefully the December blog (already written) will include more images of the past year or so……..


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