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Today I am going to talk about how I stay inspired with my photography.  It is very easy to fall into a rut and do nothing over the dark and wintry months.

Luckily, living on Isle of Man with its stunning and varied landscape, there is always something to snap and and opportunity to embrace the sometimes unpredictable Manx weather.

Nature for me keeps me inspired and recently I have had the opportunity to get outdoors again and just absorb the energy that nature supplies us with.

Recently I have been exploring floral photography with some great results.  I especially love the delicacy and details of the flowers and their vibrant hues.  As we progress to the warmer months this is something I will be sharing more with you.

Another stream of inspiration comes from magazines, anything from interior design to travel to the many food magazines now that grace the shelves with their amazing food photographs.

As I love a challenge, I have also set myself up with a photographic challenge and I will share more of this with you at a later date, sometimes there are so many visual ideas swimming around in your head and you just have to create something different which is great inspirer to think of something new.

So my main inspiration motivator is and will always be nature.  This is when I can switch myself off from anything electronic and switch on my brain, heart and eyes to the wonder around me.

Another source of inspiration for me looking and following other photographers, a couple of my favourites are Peter Lindenburgh, Mario Testino & Annie Leibovitz.  These have to be my favourite photographers and they have photographed many from royalty to popstars, politicians to the rich and ‘beautiful’ I love to look at their creations.

There are great resources out there, I am a great fan of Pinterest to get inspired with ideas, looks and trends.  Look me up in Pinterest at jasonkinradephotography.

Until next time I wish you all a great April and fingers crossed the weather will be improving for us all.  Jason


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