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When I was young I was always interested in creating something, whether is was just sitting in front of a blank piece of paper with a tray of paints to create a masterpiece or making something with my hands.  My dream was to do ‘art’ and I can honestly say I have achieved that now that I am 50…..

I have worked in jobs that do require a streak of creativity from working in retail where I put my passion into merchandising and this interest became a big project as my management training into investigating how store layout, merchandising and window displays affected the sales. I now know all the tricks that retailers now play to encourage us to spend more money…!!

Then fast forward into an 8 year spell working in advertising and publishing, this a great place and loved the opportunity to discuss, plan and implement ideas and designs.

So the foundations were always there.  I first picked up a camera about 3 years ago.  To be bluntly honest, I did not have a clue on how to switch on and all the buttons confused me.  Anyway, I stuck with it and over a period of time I had great day out adventures taking photographs of the beautiful Isle of Man – this was a way to get out and about during the summer months.

I submitted a few photographs to Gallery Magazine here on the island and wow, I remember seeing my first photograph published, I never thought this would ever happen as I was once told that I lacked creativity, but I decided not to listen and keep doing what I wanted to do….

Every waking moment I was either visiting galleries on and off the island, reading about photography, following my favourite photographers and learning as much as I could to improve my technique.  I love doing what I do and creating something unique and beautiful.

My story is about not giving up and always believing in yourself, not to listen to the critics and to follow your artistic heart.  Sometimes you just need a little pause before to engage your eye, heart and mind.



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