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In this issue of my blog, I am going to talk to you about my recent meeting with Liam Rice and his adorable dog Luna.

As a lifestyle photographer living on the Isle of Man, I am always looking for something different and to bring my vibe to the images.  I wanted a challenge and a change from my usual landscape and food photography.

A couple of months ago I came across a local news item on Facebook from one of the local radio stations about Liam and Luna.  There was a series of images taken from Liam’s Twitter page of them both and they somewhat seemed to have the same expressions and mimicking each other, this news went viral and reached the faraway shores of the USA and further.

I was intrigued by this and decided to contact Liam via his instagram page.  He has at the last count has 72.4K followers and this seems to be growing daily.  A lover of animals who works at the MSPCA as an Animal Care Officer he has now signed up to a modelling agency in London ( you can see why..)

We agreed to meet up and take some shots and although it took us a while to work on a suitable time and date, we finally met up a couple of weeks ago and you can see some of the images for yourself.

I wanted to go for a very rustic and natural look, as we are spoilt on the Isle of Man with the many beautiful beaches and glens and taking into consideration Luna not being a great passenger, we decided on Glen Helen which is such a beautiful spot and it is close to Liam & Luna’s home.

As Liam’s social media presence grows daily he has now launched of  a YouTube channel so we had a cameraman filming a behind the scenes video of the shoot.

As you can see the shoot went really well and achieved what we had planned, a very relaxed and informal lifestyle shoot on location.  I have to be honest and admit that Luna totally takes all this in her stride and is the star of the show.

It was a great day and hopefully we can arrange another shoot as the weather gets warmer,  I think a beach shoot is next on the list for them both.

For more information about Liam and Luna I have included some links below and to find out more about my photography, visit the website here

Behind the Scenes Video

Liam’s YouTube Channel


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