The Final Post of 2019 (not that there was many!)

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Well as the end of the year is fast approaching and one of my resolutions was to create more blogs and share more about my photography, what happened?  Photography life got busy which is always good thing.

So the reason for this final blog of 2019 is to share my photographic year with you and give you some insight into the work that I love and create.

In February I was invited to London Fashion Week to photograph the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Autumn Winter collection 2019.  

Make up artists, hairstylists and dressers behind the scenes worked effortlessly and did not mind a new to London Fashion Week Photographer capture the goings on.  As for the designers, both Thea and Justin were just so relaxed overseeing everything.

Preen Show During London Fashion Week

Then when I finished behind the scenes, I had the opportunity to see the catwalk show in all its glory. Such an immensely proud moment for to see my friends collection with the worlds fashion press all sitting front row, as for myself, I was huddled with the fashion photographers of the same said fashion world, a surreal and exciting moment.  During the weekend I stocked up on my cultural hunger by visiting the Dior exhibition at the V&A.

The Dior Exhibition at the V&A London

Then Fast forward to May, firstly I had the chance to spend a day with one of the UK’s leading Fine Art Photographers.  So invaluable to me with so much learning and now working on developing my own style.  Later that month there was a trip to Northern Ireland for a very special occasion.  Belfast is such a vibrant city and for me as a huge Game of Thrones fan, had the opportunity to visit the exhibition of costumes from the hit show and luckily a friend knows of the many filming locations and was the perfect tour guide.


Game of Thrones Costumes from the Touring Exhibition

Later that month is was another visit to London for work and Again another culture fix at the V&A, this time I went to see the Quant exhibition, although busy I did leave feeling disappointed with it as it did not have the effect and spectacle of Dior.

Dramatic Fine Art Photography


Dramatic Fine Art Photography

September saw another 2 visits to London, firstly I was there again to see the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Spring Summer 2020 fashion show during London Fashion week and then a return to the Isle of Man only to be back in London days later for another day of learning more things Photographic and business from an amazing Lifestyle Portrait Photographer.  It was another great day learning more.

Preen at London Fashion Week

During the time I was lucky enough to meet Jo Malone CBE when I visited her store in Belgravia, I have always been interested in business and peoples visions. Such a welcoming lady with an amazing life story so far.

The Day I met Jo Malone CBE

During the Autumn I spent a lot of my time doing what I love best, photographing people and developing my style as a Dramatic Fine Art Portrait Photographer.

Dramatic Fine Art Photography

So in all, its been a very busy year and could have not asked for anything better than this.

Dramatic Fine Art Photography

Once somebody told me that I lacked creativity and was not artistic, her comments always make me smile somewhat.

2020 is going to be a great year with a new improved website, more blogs, more activity and especially more and more photographs.

I wish you all a wonderful 2020… until next time…. Jason


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