Top Ten Tips for Preparing for your shoot.

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Hi there hope you are well and looking forward to the warmer months ahead. Here is my latest blog post about Ten Top Tips for a Portrait Shoot with me your Isle of Man Family Photographer.

  1. Planning, indoor, outdoor or at home?

Where do you want to have your photo shoot, it might be your favourite location or at home.  If you want something more dramatic we can arrange your shoot in the studio with the beautiful hand-painted backdrops. One of the advantages of living on the Isle of Man is the varied landscapes that can be your ideal backdrops.  To find out more about what that island has to offer visit here.

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  1. Preparation – early night, style of shoot, formal or casual 

It is essential that you turn up for your shoot, ready and prepared.  I suggest an early (ish) night before you shoot as you don’t want to turn up looking tired. This is your time to shine in your images.  Also, consider what type of shoot you want, is it going to be relaxed and casual or more formal, so always think about how you want to look in your images.

  1. Clothing – co-ordination 

If you are having a family shoot it is a good idea to co-ordinate your clothes, think similar colours and avoid bright patterns as these can distract. Lots tend to wear jeans with white shirts ( I think most of you have that combo in your wardrobe ).  Shop local if you can or you can go online and visit the following:




Marks and Spencer 

Fat Face 


  1. Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, I am more than happy to help create boards to convey looks, styles and locations.  Think of it as a digital mood board.  I am always looking at Pinterest for ideas and looks, give it a go here.

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  1. Relax and breathe 

At first when someone is taking your photograph you might feel a tad nervous, don’t worry about that, it is my job to help you relax and we will breathe our way through the shoot.  We always have music playing during the shoots and its always great fun.

  1. Confidence 

It is amazing that during the shoots I see people’s confidence come through, the more I shoot the more confident you will become, most actually forget about the camera.  So think confident and you will be amazing!

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  1. Think pose 

It is always a good idea to have a little practice before the shoot, think about how you want to look in your images.  It is my job to help and assist with the posing,  I will guide you and help you look amazing in your photographs.

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  1. Have fun 

This is your shoot and your time so I want you to have fun during the shoot and get the most out it.  Towards the end when you are totally relaxed we can have more fun by turning up the music and if you want to dance, just dance away.  Let me know your favourite music.

  1. Water

Hydration is vital prior to and during your shoot, not only will your skin look great but your energy levels won’t be affected either, however, I do provide refreshments throughout the shoot, fruit, water and pastries are always provided

  1. Enjoying it

Just be your natural self, relax and smile, your shoot is going to be as amazing as you! So do not hesitate and book your session with me your Isle of Man Family Photographer.

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Until next time and my latest blog, I have lots of shoots lined up in May and can not wait to share with you very soon!


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