Why Education is Important

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Is education important to photographers?

It’s an absolute yes from me.  When choosing a photographer it’s important to check whether they are a hobbyist or have actually learnt their craft.

Why Education is Important to Isle of Man Photographer Jason Kinrade

A few years ago I took the plunge to learn more about photography and embarked on an online course with the Photography Institute.  I had a thirst to learn more about the technicalities of photography, I needed to know all about aperture, iso and what white balance meant. I learnt so much about photography as this time learning and educating myself was vital to being the photographer I am today,

Low and behold my mentor/tutor was a photographer lecturer at Central St. Martins in London and had worked with fashion legends such as Alexander McQueen.

Fast forward to finishing the diploma with a wealth of knowledge and a burning desire to just photograph everything.

Jason Kinrade Photography Isle of Man

During the transition I embarked on food photography and what they call Lifestyle Portraiture, sounds a tad pretentious doesn’t it.  During this time I really felt something was lacking in my photography, I lacked connection, who the hell can connect to a plate of freshly prepared food…? ( I  did get to eat the good afterwards) I just felt something was seriously lacking on as I know its a cliche ‘my photographic journey’

So after many hours of soul searching (another cliche here., why not!) Missing being with people ( a bit like the current situation we are all experiencing now ) so I put on my big boy photographer pants and went out and started to photograph real people.  As some of you will know I never stop talking, even in my sleep I am still rambling on must to the annoyance of the other half, ear plugs are always the best option…..

Out and about in the Countryside on the Isle of Man.

During the ‘journey’ of being a people photographer I have always strived to learn more and develop my style. Learning more about how to make people look their best, new techniques and editing styles.

You might ask me how do I learn now, watching countless YouTube videos,  keeping up to date with innovative podcasts, subscribe to online education and also attend amazing and groundbreaking workshops.

I am just not a person with a camera, I am a person with a passion and desire to learn and ensure people look and feel their best for their photo shoot.

Angela Clucas by Isle of Man Photographer

I will never stop learning my craft, it is such a privilege to create the magical moments that will last a lifetime and beyond.

So yes, education is important to me as I am not one to rest on my laurels, I want the best for my clients and my business.

A family shoot by Isle of Man Photographer Jason Kinrade

And to think, that one person told me I lacked creativity, well I salute you, you did me a favour, you just made me realise people’s opinions count for nothing, follow your heart and your desire, I often wonder what they are doing these days….. but that’s another story I am sure.

Until next time, stay safe, stay sane, Lots of love…. Jason

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