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UDATED…. January 2021

Ok here we are, we have all survived Christmas and the New Year and again another lockdown for us on the Isle of Man. I am hoping to blog about why it is important to having your photographs printed but maybe that might come along later this month. So I thought I would share a blog post from last year about WELL-BEING with some updated links etc, so here goes, in the meantime, STAY WELL, STAY SAFE & STAY PRESENT…… J

This time I am not going to talk about my love of photography, instead I want to just share some information and recourses with you.  Now i want to talk about your WELL-BEING and why its important.

We are all experiencing a challenging and somewhat difficult time at the moment.

Some of us are anxious and don’t know what to expect as life has drastically changed so much .

I truly believe that the current situation will in some circumstances bring us closer together and hopefully will create some fantastic communities.

The internet is an amazing reference library to us all  especially when our outdoor activities are limited, so here are some pointers that I hope will help.

Jason Kinrade Photography

Although my regular yoga practice has become somewhat redundant of late. The power of Yoga has many added health benefits from calming the nervous system, improving flexibility and at times it is very grounding.  I discovered yoga many years ago through a friend.  Currently, we  don’t have the freedom to go or sign up to a class.  Why not pop over to YouTube and look up Yoga With Adriene there are so many sessions to choose from beginner to the more advanced. Don’t worry if you are not a Bendy Wendy, Yoga is for everyone. Locally on the Isle of Man the Shine Om Studio have now created an online class schedule, the teachers there are wonderful.

Jason Kinrade Photography

An effective method to deal with stress if you are not into Yoga is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). What is it, this is an energy system the focusses on the bodies meridian points or energy points, you simply ‘tap’ the points, this helps to restore balance to your bodies energy and is an effective tool to deal with aniexty and can help with a positive mindset.

Now there are so many apps to help us become calmer, happier and more focussed, most you can download for free. The apps are great and could prove to be so helpful right now.  Years ago we never knew what the term ‘mindful’ meant but now it’s on the lips of most people. It enhances focus during challenging times and puts the joy back into life, go to your app store to find out more, I am sure you will be amazed by the results.

Locally on the Isle of Man, look up Mike Kewley who is a teacher on the this fascinating subject.

Jason Kinrade Photography

Many years ago I trained as a massage therapist yes I know.  During this time I embarked on learning about the healing power of essential oils with aromatherapy.  There is an oil for everything, however, I would strongly advise you to speak to a person who is qualified, some oils are very potent and its better to speak to someone who has the knowledge and isn’t part of a pyramid selling scheme and just wants to make money!!  If buying oils I would suggest organic is the better option,  I would recommend Neals Yard Remedies.  Adding a few drops to your bath or your pillow might help to relax you ensure you have a good nights sleep.

My last pointer is about being ‘Kind’  I feel this is paramount now and through these challenging times, consider being kind to others and yourself.  If you are a bookworm and love to read I can highly recommend Dr. David Hamilton. He is the author of ‘Why Kindness is Good for You’ amongst many other books.  He has a great and interactive website, again, give it a go as he is such a great guy and passionate sharing his information and yes, he is a real Doctor too…..!

Jason Kinrade Photography

We are all in this together, we will get through this I dearly wish you all best of health during these uncertain times and look forward to seeing you very soon. Stay Safe…… Jason x


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