Throwback to November last year and a day after my birthday, one went off to the big and bright lights of London to see the Chanel Exhibition at the V&A. Although this exhibition had been sold out for months until its finish in March 2024.

I was very generously gifted a years membership as a birthday gift, so very lucky to receive this. So this meant, I could go to the exhibition and see it for myself.

So after breakfast, I hotfooted it to the V&A and joined the queue before the doors opened. I knew where the exhibition was showing (the same hall as Dior a few years ago) so it was a face paced walk to get there as soon as I could. There is method in my madness or at least I think there was.

The V&A is always my go to place when in London, it just gives me so much inspiration and wander around the great halls filled with beautiful art, stunning photography and artefacts from around the world. It is a great place to go and visit.

Read the Evening Standard’s review of the exhibition here

I hope you get to enjoy some of the images from the exhibition, not my normal quality as iPhone was at the ready.

I will be back in London in May and will be visiting the Elton John Photography Collection exhibition, something right up my street.

Then in June the V&A will be holding the Naomi Campbell in Fashion event, so I will be returning at some point to see that too.

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