La Dolce Vita…..

A few months back on a grey and wet day in the UK an advert/email popped up for the 3rd time about this retreat/workshop in Italy with Sue Bryce, Terri Hofford and Kara Marie,

I thought about it and then as I do, just booked it (one can have a tendency to just do the most random things, don’t ask me about buying the apartment, which is now up for sale and an offer already in). 

Fast forward to now and I have just returned from my Italian adventure, so read all about it here.

Travelling after the craziness

Travel is something I love and with the past few years being a challenge for us all I have to say that the thought of travelling on my own did give me a little bit of anxiety but that’s ok. 

So I flew in to London Heathrow and then with a quick turnaround flew out the same day to Venice, yes there were a couple of delays but in all I got there in good time.

Flying into Venice was for me, probably one of the most surreal times, on foot, the city is beautiful as it is when you start to descend, there was something very magical about seeing it for the first time, I did feel a sense of emotion gazing out of my window.

The airport hotel was literary so close to the airport which made everything easy, the food was tasty as was the wine, yes, I drank the full bottle, I was on holiday….. for details of the airport hotel click here

Next day after my Italian feast of breakfast I took a water bus from Maco Polo Airport to Venice.  Words actually failed me in seeing the city getting closer and closer. 

To view some of my portrait work, click here

I did think about a speedboat into Venice and go with a James Bond vibe but the slow boat to Venice was perfect for me to just relax and admire the beauty that was surrounding me.

With so many ‘stops’ I decided to take this random one and off I went to explore, I had the feeling I was not in the main tourist area and guess what? you are right I wasn’t. 

Have a question then ask away here

After finding St.Marks Square for liquid refreshments, and lunch and found a spot to people-watch.

St Marks Square Venice

So what happened at the retreat?

The real reason I was there was to LEARN.  So much was going to be taught in the 3 days at the Castle.  Day one was all about self-value and your business, this was interesting and really thought-provoking. 

Day Two

Day two was all about sales and products and we had a visit to Graphi Studio to watch the albums created by hand, these products are very very special and more about this later. 

Day 3 and final day

On the final day it was shoots, lots of shoots and more shoots, believe me, blood (well nearly) sweat and a few tears with shared. 


Its always very interesting when attending workshops/retreats as you can either get as much or as little and it is all about the effort you put into this. This retreat was absolutely amazing and I have come back with so much more than I anticipated, big thanks to the team at Graphi for making this happen.

To find out about the family shoots visit my page here

Do it again?

Somebody has asked me if would I do this all again, a simple YES is my reply, why?  This experience taught me to open my mind and heart as a photographer and realise the only thing that’s holds me back is my old belief, which has now all changed.

Always learning

Three days learning at a castle what is not to love an out this. The castle has a very interesting history, find out more here

New friendships were forged with lots of emotions coming to the top for us all, it was a very nurturing experience with amazing creatives. 

Memories from the trip

My memories of the castle for be forever with me and thank you to everyone involved in making this dream come true.

Branding Shoot

During the time in Italy there was time for us to photograph one another and here is some branding shots of Belinda, we were up at 06:30 am for our shoot. The sun was rising and the village started to awaken for their Saturday .

Enjoy the images as much as I did create them….. Until next time…. Jason 

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  1. Glenna Rosenberg

    This is incredible with a great experience, and a perfect way to explain it to people.

    I wish I would’ve known about these branding shoots. Now I have to go higher a photographer.

    • Jason Kinrade

      Thank you, oh thats a shame, is Jess near you……. I think we should all plan a trip to Italy…… how you fixed ?


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